Training for Athletes

Beyond the field ... the post-career

Today more than ever athletes’ expertise and experience in managerial roles is an added value because of their knowledge of the game and its dynamics. This knowledge can be used to advance the management model and grow the business side of the game. 

Athletes may become important human resources for clubs, federations, leagues and companies through specialized training. Mastersport Institute developed specific training methods that proved to be a strategic support in collaboration with some of the main athletes' associations.

The options offered are designed based on the needs of athletes and former athletes. The aim is to provide them tools and knowledge functional to the beginning of a new career path.


The offer covers three different options:


Leadership and human resource management
Designed for athletes who aim having a career in organizational management, as team managers or coaches. This option will give participants the tools and knowledge to manage group dynamics and complex organizations.


Communication, Public Relations and Public Speaking

It aims to train athletes who would like to hold public relation positions, such as ambassador of sport for development projects or projects with high media coverage.


Management of sports organizations
This option provides the knowledge on governing principles related to sport organizations. In addition we provide the economic knowledge useful for performance assessment of a sport club. This option aims to create a professional profile able to interact with sports organizations based on specific skills.