a program designed for people with a passion for sport

The masterSport program is designed to develop or refine management skills to succeed in the sport industry. The program has been modified over the years to make it better and to be sure that every single aspect will contribute to this unique experience. Now we have two different registration procedures:


Students must have a bachelor's degree or equivalent. Admission to the program is through a selection mechanism (normally scheduled around November / December) with the aim to evaluate: academic, professional and sport experience (optional), foreign language skills, and motivation to earn the master’s degree. There are 20 spots available, however the committee has power to make some exceptions.
The choice of having a small number of spots available in the program has been made to ensure the best quality in teaching and mentoring. 


Option designed mainly for former athletes and sport executives. This option provides full access to the classroom and to all the services provided by the program. The main differences are: no mandatory attendance and no internships required. Upon the completation of the program, participants will receive a certificate of attendance. Auditor spots are limited and auditor candidates are evaluated based on their vita and a telephone interview done by a committee representative.