Classwork, tours and professional experience

MasterSport offers participants the incredible opportunity to develop a critical understanding of economic, managerial and cultural values of sport. 
20 weeks of classwork, full-time, characterized by a balanced mix of traditional teaching and “live” experiences on the field.  An experiential learning approach will provide students with “real life” case studies and networking through visits to facilities and sport clubs, research and simulations of professional team work. Additionally, the internship and the writing of the thesis will allow students to develop the operational, relational and analytical skills needed to succeed in the sport business industry.


Formative Credits
Earn your Master's degree while gaining valuable experience.
The Master gives 70 CFU (university credits): mandatory classes (56 credits), internship (12 credits) and final exam (2 credits).
MasterSport is a full-time, 12-month program designed for participants who have a passion for sport. Classwork will be from the end of January to July. As soon as classes end, participants will start their internships.

The program teaching methods place emphasis on student participation. There are classroom lectures (360 hours); seminars, workshops, lectures from corporate guest speakers, individual and group work, case discussions, guided visits to facilities and sport clubs (240 hours); individual study and project work (800 hours); internship (minimum 300 hours).